A little sketch for a cause

Salam girls! Last night we launched our poster cum promo for Patternized scarves. It's a humble poster which is hoped to be able to spread a little message. Our founder loves to sketch since she was able to hold a pencil and she's crazy about fashion illustration even though she majors in Architecture. This photo was hand drawn at different pieces of paper and then recomposed and edited via Photoshop. Elements like flowers and vines are added as finishing touches.

So what do you think of this sketch? We think it's lovely! We'd come up with more if the response is overwhelming. :)

Coco Pit : Awesome illustrations as scarves' prints

Coco Pit is a French designer and graphic designer who have deep passion in fashion and arts. Her illustrations clearly scream her name with her distinct style. She is extremely talented when it comes to fashion illustration as well as graphic or pattern composition. She had produced large number of artworks which open many eyes.  I love the realistic renderings of her drawings as well as how she composes many elements into a brilliant collage. I think her works are mostly revolve around nature elements. 

Now, becoming big, she’s making benefits out of her works to the fullest by producing scarves and other products with her very own artworks as print. I really adore her talent and would like to share them with you girls. Below are the photos of her drawings as well as stylish scarves made out of her artworks! Enjoy!

Brilliant right? Extremely talented. Would love to get my hands on these scarves. And again, I'm sure it would look very good if worn as headscarves :) Okay, till then, bye!

Love, A

Polaroid Scarves

I'm sure many are fond of the Polaroid photos. It was once famous back in the days and is now revived to fit this modern era with the emergence of many polaroid camera especially the most wanted Instax. The vintage Polaroid camera is also a craze to many for it's interesting vintage look. It's true what people said, "The old trends will be recycled back after some times". And, for me, I agree for I am a vintage stuff and trends lover as well.

Now, what's with the Polaroid photos again? I'm sure some of you had seen the image of Polaroid photos being made into T-Shirt prints. Well, you'd be amaze to see what's next in store for this trend. Introducing, Polaroid scarves by Phillipe Roucou.

Here are more of the scarves. Pretty.
Imagine, if we can digital print the photos self taken by us. That's photo printing and keeping to the next level! Awesome. 

PS:  Again, if only I can find these scarves available to purchase. I willll find them for you girls!

Galaxy Scarves

Have the image of the solar system or the galaxy popped into your head when it comes to clothes? Me neither. Apparently designers are compressing the enormous galactic onto your clothes and also scarves! We'd spotted many Galaxy Scarves from many designers and we find it interesting to be fit to your everyday wears! 

Having trouble in finding these awesome prints at shops in Malaysia, well, no worries girls, like people say, when we can't buy them, just make them! For cheap! 

Scarves.Net had all the DIY simple steps especially for you. Just click here to make one!

diy galaxy scarf
via Scarves.net

How can this not be pretty right? Imagine if you wear it as headscarves!!
I promise I'll find these prints and load it to PatternizedShop just for you girls!

Scarves Trends #1

Cool looking famous girls in stylish scarves! I am sure we will spot more as the winter's coming! :)

Love, A

DIY ideas #3

Just love this DIY from Scarves.net Try it and share it!

Love, A.

DIY ideas #2

This wall pieces are just brilliant! Pattern + scarves frenzy!
Love, A.