Polaroid Scarves


I'm sure many are fond of the Polaroid photos. It was once famous back in the days and is now revived to fit this modern era with the emergence of many polaroid camera especially the most wanted Instax. The vintage Polaroid camera is also a craze to many for it's interesting vintage look. It's true what people said, "The old trends will be recycled back after some times". And, for me, I agree for I am a vintage stuff and trends lover as well.

Now, what's with the Polaroid photos again? I'm sure some of you had seen the image of Polaroid photos being made into T-Shirt prints. Well, you'd be amaze to see what's next in store for this trend. Introducing, Polaroid scarves by Phillipe Roucou.

Here are more of the scarves. Pretty.
Imagine, if we can digital print the photos self taken by us. That's photo printing and keeping to the next level! Awesome. 

PS:  Again, if only I can find these scarves available to purchase. I willll find them for you girls!