Coco Pit : Awesome illustrations as scarves' prints


Coco Pit is a French designer and graphic designer who have deep passion in fashion and arts. Her illustrations clearly scream her name with her distinct style. She is extremely talented when it comes to fashion illustration as well as graphic or pattern composition. She had produced large number of artworks which open many eyes.  I love the realistic renderings of her drawings as well as how she composes many elements into a brilliant collage. I think her works are mostly revolve around nature elements. 

Now, becoming big, she’s making benefits out of her works to the fullest by producing scarves and other products with her very own artworks as print. I really adore her talent and would like to share them with you girls. Below are the photos of her drawings as well as stylish scarves made out of her artworks! Enjoy!

Brilliant right? Extremely talented. Would love to get my hands on these scarves. And again, I'm sure it would look very good if worn as headscarves :) Okay, till then, bye!

Love, A